Bike safety in Tokyo amazes me

So many bikes in Toyko and I haven’t seen any locked up. I come from a city where bike theft is very high and a big concern for most bike riders so it is very shocking to me that most people here don’t seem to lock up their bikes.Of all the many bikes I saw while in Toyko I only saw a few by the train station that were actually locked up. I think it’s fair to say that bike theft isn’t a concern for bikers in Toyko.

 I noticed that most people didn’t wear helmets. From what I could tell biking in Toyko did seem pretty safe and the car traffic didn’t seem too dangerous or crazy either, although personally I would wear a helmet because you just never know. I did see a mom who was biking with her child on the back biking with a helmet on herself as well as her child so that made me happy. 

I saw that their are many bike parking lots and even paid bike parking spots along some of the sidewalks. This I found amazing and ridiculous. Usually one of the benefits of biking is so that you don’t have to pay for parking. I didn’t check to see how much it was but I doubt it was too expensive. 

When I go back to Toyko I would love to discover more of the city by biking for sure. 


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