2016 Reflections 

So much happened in 2016! It was quite an incredible year with many changes, beginnings and endings as well.

I took a few trips outside of Bangkok where some amazing memories were created. Kanchanaburi with Siri and my dear friend Satomi.                                                                             • Awphawa floating market and Lopburi with Siri. Lopburi is Siri’s hometown so this trip was especially special.                                                                                                    •My last trip before we left, which is where I met my best friend Darunee as well as two other great girls, Kwan and Waii was a meetup biking trip to Bangkrachao. This day was so fun. I highly recommend this meetup. The girls that organize this trip are amazing and the do this every month. I plan to go again.

I finished out a fantastic school year in a great school in 2016 at Sarasas Ektra, Bangkok. I only taught second semester here as well as summer school but it was incredibly memorable. The only reason I left is because I moved to Ranong with Siri when he was relocated for work. I met and got to know so many great students and teachers here. It was very bittersweet when I left.

I moved to Ranong with Siri and we moved in together. This was the beginning of many great memories. We became so much closer through all the ups and downs of living in Ranong.

The best thing that happened in 2016 was that I got engaged to the most incredible person I’ve ever been with. Siri asked me to marry him on the viewpoint of Ranong after a day a trip to an island in Myanmar and a waterfall here in Ranong. He is quite literally the best person I’ve ever been with. He treats me better than anyone. I’ve also found my best friend and travel buddy with him.

Me and Siri went on so many fun and memorable trips this year. Many of these trips we were able to go on because of living in Ranong.                                                                                       •Koh Phayam                                                                                                                                               •Koh Chang  Noi •Suratthani       •Chumpon                                                                                            •Khao Lak                                                                                                                                                                           •Khao Sok Tree House•Phuket.      •Koh Tao       • Koh Samui         •Krabi islands.   •Phangna                                                                                               •Kawthaung, Myanmar.                                                                            •Savannakhet, Laos.      • Pai      •Chiang Mai img_1105

I also went on a couple solo trips. Koh Phayam. Penang, Malaysia and a of Bangkok visits to see friends. This included a couple English camps as well. One to Chaam and one to Nakhon Nayok. Super fun.

Another top thing I did in 2016 was go back to school to finish my BS degree in Elementary Education. I should be finishing this October, right before our wedding.

When we moved to Ranong I discovered that their weren’t many teaching opportunities so I looked into other opportunities. I found a couple jobs teaching English online and that’s what I’ve been doing since June 2016. I teach Chinese kids in the evenings and Chinese adults during the day whenever I have the time.img_9470

Throughout the year I also had an amazing time celebrating all the holidays.

I think this sums up my year for 2016. I know, SO much happened! I’m really exited and looking forward to what 2017 is going to bring.


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