The sincerity of the Thai locals 

One of the biggest reasons I love Thailand, why I cane back to Thailand after going home to the U.S and why I decided to stay indefinitely is absolutely the people. The sincerity of the locals has been the most heart warming part and what has made me feel the most welcomed into this beautiful country. Strangers here have been more helpful to be without wanting anything in return, more helpful than I’ve ever experienced. Several times I’ve been lost and I’ve had a local come out of nowhere and help me, even when we couldn’t communicate in the same language. One guy even gave me a ride in his cart and didn’t want anything in return. I love how kind and sincere the locals here are even when you don’t speak the language, even more so if you try. I have been out somewhere ordering food countless times when a vendor or food seller has made the effort to teach me a new word just because. That’s actually how I’ve learned most of my Thai. I’m kind of a strange foreigner here in the fact that most of my friends here are Thai and not other foreigners. The Thai friends I have met here have the been the most sincere and kind. I never expected their friendship but I am so grateful for it. They have made my time in Thailand so far even better and more special. #sincere #inspiration 


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