The Top Twelve things I love about Thailand.

I have lived in Thailand for about 2 years now so I have made my own top 12 list based on my own experiences and my own opinions. 

1. The people

Thai people are very genuine and kind. They are very willing to help out a stranger. I can’t count how many times I’ve had a local go out of their way to try and help me out, even if they couldn’t speak any English. They seem to be more happy with what they have in life rather than complaining about the things they may not have. 

I also love the foreigners here, the expats and tourists. Thailand is a place you can come and not just meet Thai people but you will enviably meet people from all over the world. I love this. I love that I can meet so many different people and learn about so many different cultures from being in one country. 

2. The culture

Thai people really embrace their culture and their history is represented in the culture, this makes makes them very unique. The many different Thai style clothing is very special as well. It represents them and their culture. Their respect for people and their country is really shown in their culture as well. I absolutely love this. 

3. The Food

Of course the food! Thai food has become my favorite food to eat. I don’t think I ever go a day without eating Thai food and yes, I love it spicy. My favorite dish is Som Tam. I eat it on most days. It’s pretty great that you can get many different versions of it as well. My favorite it the cucumber one with salty egg, som tam noodles and sticky rice. No shrimp. I also love the many different fresh fruit you can get just about anywhere, I especially love the fruit vendors. So delicious. 

4. The beaches/islands

I never liked the beach that much until I moved to Thailand, now I am so in love with it and just can’t get enough. Their are so many gorgeous  beaches and islands. I don’t know if I’ll ever see them all but I’m sure going to try. I’m living in southern Thailand currently so I’m definitely taking notes advantage of it.

5. Shopping/ outdoor markets 

I used to hate shopping until I moved to Thailand. Night markets and any outdoor shopping areas are my favorite and has become one of my favorite activities. If  their is a know outdoor market, I am there. 

6. Dating 

Dating is so much easier for me here. I am now engaged to a local but even before him dating was so much nicer than when I dated in the states. Guys in Thailand just seem to be generally kinder and more respectful. They want to actually date for relationships more than the guys in the states. Of course it all depends on where you live and your own experiences but this is mine. Foreign guys can be pretty great here as well. 

7. Cost of living

The cost of living in Thailand is much lower. This has made my life much easier and carefree. I never worry about money like I did in the states. I make less than what I made in the states but I am able to pay my bills, eat, go out when I want and do things and even travel. I could hardly ever travel in the states. I just have a better quality of life here because of this. 

8. Work Life

Finding a job here is much easier. Their are many more options. It’s easier to find jobs with less work loads. Their are a lot more paid holidays off. I am much happier here at work and satisfied with the work I’m doing than I was in the states. Sure, their are things I have issues with at my job here as well but overall it’s much better for me. Also, it’s important this is only true for certain types of jobs for foreigners, such as teaching. That’s the biggest field here for foreigners. I also have to say I have way more passions here for my care and care so much more. It’s definitely not “just a job” for me.

9. Transportation 

I know the traffic is crazy in Thailand, especially in Bangkok but I still think transportation in Thailand is great. You get can get around in so many ways without having to drive for pretty cheap. If you do choose to drive, which I do now that I live in a small town gas is super cheap. My scooter monthly payment isn’t expensive either. 

10. The weather! It is one of the best parts for me since I really don’t like the cold and I never have. Yes, sometimes it gets a bit too hot but it’s still better than the cold. I love that I never have to worry about snow, cold weather and I can go to the beach year around. I also love that I can wear summer clothes and only need one season of clothing year around. 

11. Entertainment

Finding things to do in Thailand is endless and of course cheaper. From going to temples to going to festivals. I will always love going to the different temples around Thailand and to the many different festivals for the many holidays Their is so much beauty, meaning and history in them. Whatever you may be into their is always something in Thailand. 

12. Traveling

Traveling! I loved to travel before I moved to Thailand but now I am so in love with it. It is so easy and affordable to travel around Thailand to many different locations, no matter what your budget is. It is also very affordable to travel outside of Thailand to the neighboring counties around South East Asia. I am definitely taking advantage of traveling and seeing everything I can, every chance I get. 


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