Coloring my hair red using 100% pure henna

I am not a professional at using henna, this is just my experience. This is the second time I’ve used henna to color my hair. Prior to this I’ve been dying my hair red for about 6 years with hair dye. I waited a few months after the time I used hair dye on my hair before I tried henna because I’ve heard that you can get unpredictable results. I used 100% henna which I found on eBay. If you want a pure red/orange color using 100% henna is recommended. 

Here are the steps I took to color my hair with henna. 

1. I washed my hair the night before because I wanted it to be clean but not freshly clean.

2. I mixed the henna the night before. I mixed a package and a half of henna, water as needed, 1 egg and about 3 tablespoons of pinnapple vinegar. 

3. The next day, about 12 hours later I prepared everything to henna my hair.

•I use rubber cleaning gloves to henna my hair because they provide much better protection.

• I also cover the area of the bathroom I’m going to be using with plastic trash bags.

• I section my hair off and then I begin. 

4. After I have covered all of my hair in the henna I wrap my hair in plastic wrap to keep the heat in as well as keep the henna from dropping all over me. 

5. This time I left the henna on for about 2 hours. Depends on how dark or intense you want your henna depends on how long you want to keep the henna in your hair. Usually 2-6 hours. 

6. After the 2 hours I washed it all out and did a deep conditioning. The henna is a deep contioner as well so this is not needed, I just wanted to. 

7. I dried my hair and that’s it. It also takes a couple of dad to really set. If it comes out really bright, just wait a couple days. It will calm down. Personally, I wish my hair would stay brighter. I like the bright orange colors you can get from henna but my hair was already a darker red when I started using henna so it’s difficult for me to get. 




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