Today is for you, Grandma. 

Grandma’s really are the best. I know mine was. She was so much more than that as well. She was an added parent and my best friend as well. Their is no one on this earth I was closest to than my Grandma. Catherine (Cathy). She was a beautiful person. She was kind yet brutally honest. I guess that’s where I get that from. Haha. She was genuine and just very real. She always said what she was thinking and feeling and she cares deeply for her family and friends. 

She was also an inspiration to me. My grandma actually raised four boys almost all on her own, my father being the first when she was only 15. Many girls would of let that hold them back. Not her. She put herself through school and was a secretary to for an Army general for many years. 

My grandma wanted much more for me than she had. She was always in my life from day one making sure I always had everything I needed. She paid for clothes and food many times and she paid for a lot of my school needs when I was going to college after I got out of the Navy. More than that she was just always there for me, no matter what. I always knew that she loved me. 

When my grandma passed away it came as quite a shock to me. She was 73. Her mother lived until she was 98 so I just thought I had much more time with her. Also, since my Grandma was always much younger than most of my friend’s grandparents and because of our relationship I just didn’t see her as being old. She was diagnosed with diabetes a few years before. She loved her sweets. One day her blood levels shot up. They rushed her to the hospital but it was too late. 

I’ll always miss my grandma and I’ll always love her just like when she was still her. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without her and I am grateful for her and everything she did for me throughout my childhood and adulthood. She will forever be my best friend and inspiration. 

I never got to say goodbye due to family complications. Today was the 4 year anniversary of her passing so I decided to finally do something special for her and for myself. I went into town and bought some flowers for her. I took the flowers to this temple near where I live that I pass all the time but I’ve never been to. I walked them up the stairs and had my moment with my thoughts at the Buddha statue for Buddha and then my Grandmother. I finally said the words to her. Today was for my sweet gramdma. 


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