25 Get to know me questions.

1. Where are you from?

Northern California, U.S

2. Where do you live now?

Southern Thailand, Ranong. 

3. Favorite season?

In the U.S, summer. In Thailand, rainy season. 

4. Favorite animal?

I can’t pick just one so I’ll pick two. Monkey’s and cats.

5. Do you have any pets?

Yes. One orange tabby cat named Mee Noi. Thai name. 😉

6. Diet?


7. Favorite food?

Son Tam, cheese and burritos.

8. Favorite drink?

Non-alcoholic: Thai black ice tea. 

Alcoholic: Wine, champagne and vodka mixed drinks. 

9. Middle name?


10. Zodiac sign?


11. Favorite color?


12. Favorite holiday? 

In the U.S, Halloween and New Year’s Eve. In Thailand, Song Kran (Thai New Years) and New Year’s Eve. 

13. Are you married?

Not yet. I’m getting married next year to my lovely Thai fiancé I met while living in Bangkok. 

14. How many countries have you been to?


15. So you speak any other languages other than English?

I used to sign American Sign Language (ASL) quite fluently on an intermediate level but since I have no opportunity to use it in Thailand I have lost a lot of that skill. I am currently learning Thai. 

16. How many siblings do you have?

1 younger brother. We are 18 months apart to be exact. 😉

17. How tall are you?



What is your natural hair color?

Strawberry blonde. I’ve been dying my hair red for 6 years. 

19. Favorite activity?

Biking and hula hooping.

20. Favorite hobby?

Scrapbooking and crafts.

21. Favorite city activities?

Shopping at night markets, eating street food sight seeing and going to street bars. 

22. What do you do for a living?

I am an English teacher. I am currently teaching English online to 4-15 year olds. 

23. Morning or night person? 

Absolutely a night person.

24. City or outdoor person?

Actually, both. I live to live in a city and be close enough to visit nature.

25. Eye color?



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