Update on my life in Thailand

I started this blog when I moved to Thailand in April of 2015 but I am just recently getting serious about so I thought I would give everyone an update. 

When I first moved to Thailand I lived in Rangsit for about three months and then I moved to Bangkok which is where I was for about 10 months. I now live in southern Thailand in a small town next to a Myanmar island called Ranong. It’s supposed to be the rainiest place in Thailand and I sure believe it. 

I moved to Ranong with my fiancé after his job transferred him here. We moved here in May 2016 and then we got engaged in June 2016. More about that in another post. We will be living in Ranong for a couple of years. It’s up in the air on where we will after this.

As far as my work, I wasn’t able to find a teaching job here because the teaching opportunities are very limited so I now teach online which has been working out pretty great. I’m finishing my degree online as well from a university in the states. I plan on going back to working in a school after we leave Ranong. 

Me and my fiancé both prefer to live in a bigger city than we are currently in so we do get a little bored in Ranong. This is why we travel  every chance we get and take a lot of weekend trips. One great thing about us living in the south is that it has given us the opportunity to travel around the south and get to know this part of the country. 

I’m also now drive my own scooter as well now. Their is no transportation where we live so if my fiancé is not around I would have no way to get around if I didn’t have my scooter.

Yes, Ranong is a very chill town but at the same time me and my fiancé are pretty busy living here. Overall, I couldn’t be more happy living in Thailand. 


4 thoughts on “Update on my life in Thailand

  1. For sure, finding work in general lately is tough, and I haven’t even tried working abroad yet. Older generations lately tell young people lately to be ‘smart’ and move out of the big cities….but that is where the work is for most of us and probably our social networks, where owning a home is impossible. I’m taking home ownership impossibilities as a way to say “why not just live in different places in the future? why settle for a town right away

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