My Second Dentist experience in Thailand

This time I went to the dentist to get some actual work done. I got one filling and one root canal done.

The dentists do speak English but

it just makes things easier for my Thai fiancé to come with me.
After we arrived at the dentist we realized that we got the date for my appointment mixed up. Luckily , they were super nice about it and called in another dentist to come work on my teeth.

After the dentist arrived I went to the back and after discussing a few things she began. Again they covered my face. First they numbed my upper gums with about 4 shots.

After about an hour and half they finished. The whole experience wasn’t bad at all. I didn’t feel any pain at all and I haven’t felt any since either. I will go back to have one of the dentist finish in a few weeks.

It cost me 3000 baht for  both the filling and the root canal. I will another 2000 baht when I go back in a few weeks. I’m really shocked and happy about how much cheaper this has cost me than it would have in the states. For the total procedure it will cost me about $140. I just spoke to a friend of mine that got her root canal recently in the states for $2000 (70,000 baht) Unbelievable. So, good deal.

The dentist I went to is in Surat Thani in the south of Thailand. The dentist office is called Villa Dentist


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