First dentist experience in Thailand

I have been wanting to get some dental work done for years but when I was in the states I just couldn’t afford it. I have finally started the process of a lot of work and still a good amount of money I’d rather not be spending. I had my first dental appointment to assess my teeth, get x-ray’s and get a deep cleaning, as my dentist put it. I live in Ranong but I wanted to go to a more quality dentist than I could find here so I went to a dentist a about 3 hours away in Surat Thani.

My appointment was at 2 pm. My fiancé drive us there and we arrived just before 2 because we got a little lost on the way.

Once we arrived I had to fill out a form, half in English and half in Thai for some reason. My fiancé filled the Thai part for me. After that we waited for about 20 minutes.

I was called into the office by one of the assistants. The dentist then checked out my teeth and told me what she thought we should do and told my fiancé in more detail in Thai. This dentist who was female spoke such classroom English. It was actually pretty cute.

After that I went into another room with one of the shy assistants who was scared to speak English to me where she took my -x-ray’s. When she was finished we went back into the first room where the dentist, my fiancé got to check them out. This is when I noticed a difference between my dental experience here in Thailand compared to the U.S. The x-ray’s here are much smaller. She just put it on a small screen for us to see. I like this much better. In the U.S they print out giant prints of your x-ray’s and put them on that bright wall to display. Not a great experience if you have some dental issues.

We talked a little more about the dental plan she recommended and then she began the teeth cleaning process. This is when I noticed another difference of my dental experience from the U.S. Here in Thailand they cover your entire face with a towel when they do dental work on you. Interesting. It’s almost better because you can’t see all of those scary tools coming towards you and you don’t have that bright light in eyes the whole time. I have a bit of anxiety when it comes to dentists so maybe this helped.

After she was finished with my cleaning she told me that she wanted to take one more x-ray so I went with the assistant once more to the other room. After she was finished she went to the dentist in the other room and I could hear her telling the assistant exactly what to say to me. The assistant came back to me and very quietly said “please go out and the doctor will meet you”. The dentist was forcing that girl to speak to me in English the whole time. Totally not needed but this is typical.

I waited for the dentist in the lobby. When she came out she informed us of the price ranges for the different procedures I want to do. Then she set up two upcoming appointments for me and we left. This appoint cost me 4000 baht. My next next appointment, I’m getting a filling and it will cost me 600-2000. Such a range but apparently it depends on the pain medicine they use. I will defiantly be using whatever they give me.

All in all my first Thailand dentist appointment wasn’t too bad and the whole staff was very nice about everything. I’m going to be continuing my dental care with this office.


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