Khao San Road weekend of fun and Craziness with some shopping in between :-)

Well last weekend I had a three day weekend so I decided to book a room off of Khao San Road and spend it there while catching up with some friends and just having a great time. Friday night we had a few bucket drinks and just a great time at my new favorite bar, Oxxi. We got some great shopping done at Chakuchuck (the weekend market) on Sat, along with some massages and then went out for some more drinks Sat night as well.

Bucket drinks on Khao San at Oxxi’s!


Me and my friwnd Aldwin enjoying the night.
Janna, Alwin amd me. 🙂


Fun times with good friends!


We found good bloody mary’s on Khao San! at Mulligan’s!



Henna tatoo. #scorpio
I’ve always wanted to try one of these fish spa’s so i finally did it. It was very odd. I’m not even ticklish and it even tickled me at first, A LOT. After a minute though it was fine bit it still felt very odd the whole time. ithe fish also were not just on my feet like i had expected, they were all over my legs too. it was fun though and I would even do it again.


I couldn’t resist taking a picture with this guy. 😉
Khao San from the rooftop.

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