A day in Lumphini Park!

Well this is a late post too but I want to share this day because it was such a special day to me. In the middle of Songkran in Silom me and a couple friends decided to take a break from it all and randomly walked into Lumphini park, by accident. We were probably there a couple hours just exploring. It was huge and so beautiful. If you haven’t been I definitely recommended it. I am going back for sure.  


So “Alice in Wonderland”. ☺️


4 thoughts on “A day in Lumphini Park!

  1. Interesting shots, half of the locations I probably never noticed. Usually I just do the running loop in Lumpini and skip the interior. Have you tried out Benjakitti Park? You might like it.

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    1. Thanks! I enjoy Lumphini every time. Oh ok, well I think that’s the difference. I don’t run, I explore. 🙂 I haven’t yet. I lived much closer to Lunphini when I was living in Bkk. I’m moving back in a few months. I’ve been wanting to check out that park so I’ll be sure to do so.


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