Moving back to Thailand, my first Song Kran and more.

Well I meant to start doing this a lot sooner but I suppose late is better than never. 😉 So much has happened since I arrived in Bangkok 40 days ago, it’s crazy. In only 40 days my life is completely different than it was. It’s different professionally, in regards to relationships and of course location. Just overall the way my life is and the way I’m living my life. I’m so happy for it all and how things are turning around. Well, first thing’s first, SONGKRAN.

Songkran was quite literally one of the most fun times I’ve ever had. The whole experience, from  getting soaked by locals and tourists to having drinks and random conversations as well. It was a very memorable first Songkran.


Before I got attacked with all the water guns and buckets😂
The most fun water fight I’ve ever been in. 555






Bucket drinks on Khao San Road are still my favorite😜

I was clayed, and this was only minimal compared to what I got later. Hahaha
Getting wet with my friend Chuckie in Silom!


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